T-litter, 5 weeks old

Halfway there

Time flies when you’re having fun – and puppies sure know how to have a good time!
The pups are now just over five weeks old and are playing with each other and their mom. We’ve built a bigger play-pen for the pups, covering one part of the pen with shredded newspapers and the other with their soft blankets and pillows. This kickstarts their house-training, since they instinctively know to go potty on the shredded papers – and not where they sleep.

Big girl - water bowl

We took some pictures this weekend while they were playing outside, so you can see how far they’ve come in only five short weeks.

We also shot some video while they were playing outside, which will be up on the site as soon as it is edited – so keep an eye on the site.

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T-litter, 3 weeks old

21 days
Three weeks have already gone by, and Mary’s litter is looking well. The puppies can see and hear and have begun playing with each other.

Bigger pen for bigger puppies
The pups have grown quite a bit, so we’ve enlarged the pen and play area. This provided a good opportunity to shoot some “headshots” of the puppies for you to enjoy.



Four puppies born 15.02.2014


Mary and Dwayne’s litter
On the 15th of February, just two weeks ago, Mary (Danish Delight Mary Go Around) gave birth to four gorgeous puppies.
The proud father, Dwayne (INTCH, BECH, LUXCH, CHCH, DKCH Youandi Grand Cru), will be visiting soon, and sent the puppies some toys they are already enjoying.

Already walking and talking
Well, maybe not talking, but the puppies are all doing very well and have all opened their eyes and have started walking – or waddling, some might say.

More to come
We will be adding more information and, of course, more pictures of the puppies over the next few weeks. And, who knows, maybe even something unique!


Our new website

Welcome to our new website!
We’re very pleased to share our new website with you.

The redesigned site is not only pleasing to the eye and mobile friendly, but also marks a new beginning for our online presence.

Over the next few months, we’ll be updating the site regularly with both old and new content. We’ll be updating the archives with more info about our dogs and breeding.
We’ll also be adding many more, previously unseen, pictures of our beautiful dogs and breed.

There’s also a delightful announcement coming soon – so keep an eye on our new site.

We hope you enjoy the new look and if there’s anything you wish to add, please write our webmaster at webmaster@danish-delight.dk

The wonderful 4

Our wonderful puppies, from June 3rd 2010. In this picture they are 8 weeks old.
Diva lives up north in Sweden with Kicki Fundin.
Bella lives near Drammen in Norway being totally spoiled by Erling and Sivert.

Luna lives with Alice and Erik Mune a little north of us.
Last but not least, Boris lives here with us. He has a georgious personality.


Proud parents

Here comes a photo of the proud parents to the P- litter.

Left – Sire: CroCh – VDHCH Aryakas Hercules
Right – Dame: DKCH – SECH – KBHW 08 – KBHW 09 Danish Delight Knock – Out