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T-Litter, 7 weeks old

The final week

It seems like it was yesterday, Mary was patiently feeding four helpless little newborn puppies. Now they are all grown up, and Mary is probably looking forward to her life getting a bit quieter!
This is the last week before the pups travel to their new homes.

We do, of course, have a new gallery for you, so you can keep up with just how much they are still growing from week to week. Enjoy!

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T-Litter, 6 weeks old

It is that time of the week again. It’s time to check back on the puppies.

The pups are growing steadily and are getting braver and more adventurous by the day. Chewing on things is, of course, one of the preferred way to learn about the world around them along with shoe laces and plants.

Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for next weeks photo edition !

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Video of the T-Litter

We promised you a short video of the T-litter and here it is.

The pups were just five weeks old when this video was shot. It’s wonderful to be a “spring child”, as you get to play outside a lot with mom and the others.

Enjoy the video. New pictures will be posted soon, as they are now already six weeks old – only two more weeks until they travel to their new homes.

T-litter, 5 weeks old

Halfway there

Time flies when you’re having fun – and puppies sure know how to have a good time!
The pups are now just over five weeks old and are playing with each other and their mom. We’ve built a bigger play-pen for the pups, covering one part of the pen with shredded newspapers and the other with their soft blankets and pillows. This kickstarts their house-training, since they instinctively know to go potty on the shredded papers – and not where they sleep.

Big girl - water bowl

We took some pictures this weekend while they were playing outside, so you can see how far they’ve come in only five short weeks.

We also shot some video while they were playing outside, which will be up on the site as soon as it is edited – so keep an eye on the site.

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Four puppies born 15.02.2014


Mary and Dwayne’s litter
On the 15th of February, just two weeks ago, Mary (Danish Delight Mary Go Around) gave birth to four gorgeous puppies.
The proud father, Dwayne (INTCH, BECH, LUXCH, CHCH, DKCH Youandi Grand Cru), will be visiting soon, and sent the puppies some toys they are already enjoying.

Already walking and talking
Well, maybe not talking, but the puppies are all doing very well and have all opened their eyes and have started walking – or waddling, some might say.

More to come
We will be adding more information and, of course, more pictures of the puppies over the next few weeks. And, who knows, maybe even something unique!