Back in 1970 I picked up my very first Old English Sheepdog “BOMBADIL PRETTY POLLY” in Wales – she was the beginning of a life long passion with this wonderful breed.

During my first 10 years of breeding, I was using some of the fine old English lines and produced some very sound dogs like the World Winners “VV 77 DKCH AUDREY” and “VV 85 DKCH DANISH DELIGHT CALL ME BARBARA”. Further DKCH DANISH DELIGHT BOMBADIL, DKCH DANISH DELIGHT BLUE CHIEFTAIN and DKCH DANISH DELIGHT CANADIAN SOUND.

In 1990 we imported what was to become Denmark’s No. 1 Top Broad Bitch for 10 years in a row, INTCH. LAMEDAZOTTEL GO MISS SOPHIE.

MISS SOPHIE had 4 litters, a total of 23 puppies out of which more than half became champions – listed under “our breeding” – and she filled our life with joy and laughter for 13 years.

Our Dogs

We live in a beautiful area close to the sea only 30 minutes south of Copenhagen, and we have at present 5 very happy dogs and a cat living with us in the house:


I am a Veterinary and have for 25 years owned and managed my own veterinary clinic – now sold.
In 1998 I took over Denmark’s first and foremost canine semen bank under the name CANICOLD where I devote all my working time specialising in reproduction


I have been a judge for a good 30 years and am today licensed to judge group 1 and 2 plus a few in group 9.

Awards and decorations

Some Years ago I received The Golden Symbol of Dedication” from The Danish Kennel Club and have for the past 14 years been part of the Board of Health under the Danish Kennel Club and work as external teacher for the Danish Kennel Club in my spare time conducting courses in Breeding and Ethics, a task which I enjoy very much, and I am at the moment the selected representative of the Danish Kennel Club in the FCIs Breeding Committee. Furthermore I have been selected with the award “Honourable Member of The Danish Old English Sheepdog Club” and honour I have enjoyed for a number of years now. I have written the book “ Puppies on their way” giving a minute by minute guidance to new as well as old breeders around giving birth and what to look out for before, during and after. When time permits an updated version will be written.

Top breeder of Old English Sheepdogs

Our breeding has been celebrating 18 years as top breeder of Old English Sheepdogs in Denmark and we normally produce 1 litter a year. We breed for the sake of the breed and strive for improvement and perfection in every litter. We select our puppy buyers with great care and expect 110% dedication, care, love and respect for the animal as long as it may live.